About Us

Our goal is to be an industry leader in the manufacture of Kraft Paper, with unparalleled customer service.

With the growing Indian economy, and the ever-increasing needs of people, the demand for packaging paper has increased considerably over the years. The Indian paper industry has become a driving force and a major player in the world.

Vijay Anand Kraft Papers Pvt Ltd was set up in January, 2007, to meet this growing demand. Market demands for creative box design, and the challenge of sustaining international quality standards while offering structural strength, durability and dimensional accuracy, has pushed us to evolve and grow.

We’ve since become one of the leading manufacturers of packaging paper in the country with a capacity of 95,000 TPA. Under the dynamic leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Ashok Chand Agarwal, the company has grown continuously through the adoption of advanced technical equipment, efficient use of resources, and continuous quality and production enhancements.

Our main focus in on consistently delivering high-quality products, and proactively addressing our customers’ needs. We maintain a very healthy and friendly relationship with all our suppliers and customers.

Vijay Anand is fully committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by following all pollution control requirements and working to conserve India’s natural resources. To that end, we manufacture test-liner and fluting media paper by recycling waste paper!